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We offer 4 standard sized hangers (along with any custom size). All our hangers are full color front and back (except our magnet hangers). We print on 80 lbs. glossy cover paper with optional tear offs. We offer 2 different size door hangers with a tear off MAGNET; 3.5 x 9 and 4.25 x 11.75.

We can create, print and deliver any type of magnet size or shape for you. Magnets are an ideal advertising vehicle to constantly remind the consumer of your brand. Every time they approach the refrigerator your ad is right there.

Mailing magnets is expensive. Let us distribute them for you at a fraction of the cost.

Do you have pieces that are already printed and you need them on the door?

We are the best distribution company in the city. We guarantee your material ends up on the door. Our distribution rate beats any postage rate!

How do we get them on the door?

For a detailed outline of our distribution process please click here.